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Atmel AVR Atmel AVR32 Cypress PSoC/enCoRe ARM Zilog Z8/Zneo SiLabs C8051  
MPQ-AVR In-system Programmer for AVR
  • Supports Atmel AT90, ATtiny, ATmega, ATxmega device families
  • Supports JTAG, SPI, TPI and PDI programming interfaces
  • Field Upgradeable - always supporting the latest devices
  • Secure image management - protects your IP
  • In-circuit gang programming of  up to four  devices at once
  • Can be deployed in arrays to program up to 64 devices in parallel
  • Stand-alone, PC-controlled or ATE-controlled operation
  • Automatic device serialization

AVR Programmer

$519 (SPI/PDI/TPI)
$519 (JTAG)
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Device Support

AT90 AT90PWM1, AT90PWM2, AT90PWM2B, AT90PWM216, AT90PWM3, AT90PWM3B, AT90PWM316, AT90CAN32, AT90CAN64, AT90USB64, AT90CAN128, AT90USB82, AT90USB162, AT90USB128
ATmega ATmega48(V), ATmega48P(A), ATmega48PB, ATmega8, ATmega8U2, ATmega8515, ATmega8535, ATmega88(V), ATmega88P(A), ATmega88PB, ATmega16, ATmega16M1, ATmega16U2, ATmega162, ATmega164A, ATmega164P, ATmega164PA, ATmega165, ATmega165A, ATmega165P, ATmega165PA, ATmega168(V), ATmega168P(A), ATmega168PB, ATmega169, ATmega169A, ATmega169P, ATmega169PA, ATmega32, ATmega32C1, ATmega32M1, ATmega32U2, ATmega324A, ATmega324P, ATmega324PA, ATmega325, ATmega325A, ATmega325P, ATmega325PA, ATmega3250, ATmega3250A, ATmega3250P, ATmega3250PA, ATmega328P, ATmega328PB, ATmega329, ATmega329A, ATmega329PA, ATmega329P, ATmega3290, ATmega3290P(A), ATmega406, ATmega64, ATmega64C1, ATmega64M1, ATmega64RFR2, ATmega640, ATmega644, ATmega644A, ATmega644P, ATmega644PA, ATmega645, ATmega645A, ATmega645P, ATmega6450, ATmega6450A, ATmega6450P, ATmega649, ATmega649A, ATmega649P, ATmega6490, ATmega6490A, ATmega6490P, ATmega128, ATmega128RFR2, ATmega1280, ATmega1281, ATmega1284, ATmega1284P, ATmega256RFR2, ATmega2560, ATmega2561
ATtiny ATtiny4, ATtiny5, ATtiny9, ATtiny10, ATtiny12, ATtiny13, ATtiny15L, ATtiny2313, ATtiny24, ATtiny25, ATtiny26, ATtiny261, ATtiny40, ATtiny44, ATtiny45, ATtiny441, ATtiny461, ATtiny48, ATtiny84, ATtiny85, ATtiny841, ATtiny861, ATtiny87, ATtiny88, ATtiny167, ATtiny828ATtiny1634
ATA AVR ATA5702, ATA5795, ATA5795-BootLock, ATA6616C, ATA6617C
ATxmega ATxmega16D4, ATxmega32D4, ATxmega64D4, ATxmega128D4, ATxmega32D3, ATxmega64D3, ATxmega128D3, ATxmega192D3, ATxmega256D3, ATxmega384D3, ATxmega16A4, ATxmega32A4, ATxmega64A4, ATxmega128A4, ATxmega64A3, ATxmega128A3, ATxmega192A3, ATxmega256A3, ATxmega64A1, ATxmega128A1, ATxmega192A1, ATxmega256A1, ATxmega384A1, ATxmega32C3, ATxmega64C3, ATxmega128C3, ATxmega192C3, ATxmega256C3, ATxmega384C3, ATxmega64B1, ATxmega128B1, ATxmega64B3, ATxmega128B3, ATxmega16C4, ATxmega32C4, ATxmega8E5, ATxmega16E5, ATxmega32E5, ATxmega256A3BU