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Atmel AVR Atmel AVR32 Cypress PSoC/enCoRe ARM Zilog Z8/Zneo SiLabs C8051  
MPQ-AVR32 In-system Programmer for AVR32
  • Supports Atmel AVR32 devices
  • Field Upgradeable - always supporting the latest devices
  • Secure image management - protects your IP
  • In-circuit gang programming of  up to four  devices at once
  • Can be deployed in arrays to program up to 64 devices in parallel
  • Stand-alone, PC-controlled or ATE-controlled operation
  • Automatic device serialization
AVR32 Programmer
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AT32UC3A0128, AT32UC3A1128, AT32UC3A0256, AT32UC3A1256, AT32UC3A0512, AT32UC3A1512, AT32UC3B064, AT32UC3B164, AT32UC3B0128, AT32UC3B1128, AT32UC3B0256, AT32UC3B1256, AT32UC3B0512, AT32UC3B1512, AT32UC3A364, AT32UC3A364S, AT32UC3A3128, AT32UC3A3128S, AT32UC3A3256, AT32UC3A3256S, AT32UC3A464, AT32UC3A464S, AT32UC3A4128, AT32UC3A4128S, AT32UC3A4256, AT32UC3C064C, AT32UC3C0128C, AT32UC3C0256C, AT32UC3C0512C, AT32UC3C164C, AT32UC3C1128C, AT32UC3C1256C, AT32UC3C1512C, AT32UC3C264C, AT32UC3C2128C, AT32UC3C2256C, AT32UC3C2512C, AT32UC3L016, AT32UC3L032, AT32UC3L064